The Houston Texas Temple

December 6, 2012

8 weeks old today - 12/6/12

My sweet good baby Duncan. I don't know exactly how much he weighs now, but he stretches out 0-3m clothes, and has been fitting comfortably in 3-6m size for a week, and exchanged all size 1 diapers for size 2 to fit his cute bum, so I guess he's about 12 lbs. Still loves to eat and smile wide open toothless grins at us, and always happy when I'm holding him, which is nice to be wanted to cuddle.

December 4, 2012

Lego Linnaea - 12/4/12

The 1st Tues. of every month we go to the free lego build at the Lego store. Last night Linnaea was building little people, and she made one that looked just like her. I thought it was so cute.

December 1, 2012

Gavin's Santa Letter - 12/1/12

Can you decode it? I can because because I was listening to him sound the words out. So cute.

Dear Santa, Can I have
a Police Lego
Set. A remote controlled
Reindeer chocolate.
My own Laptop.

Dear Santa
I want 1 hundred 

October 16, 2012

Our New Baby Boy - 10/11/12

Duncan Hyrum Berg
 Thursday 10/11/12  @ 1:49 a.m.
7 lbs. 8.6 oz  -  20" long
 He was crying "hungry" from second 3, and once he got Dale's finger he would NOT let go!
 One of his few times sleeping alone. He wanted to eat almost every hour from time of birth, so he and I had lots of close snuggle time from the very start.
 Gavin was too excited to go to sleep the night before, and is so happy to finally get his prayer answered of having his baby brother come out of mommy's tummy soon. He keeps saying "Duncan is so tiny and so cute!". He wants him to sleep in his bed with him, but I said he'll have to wait to share a room for 1 1/2 - 2yrs.
 The first thing Linnaea said was "I want to hold my baby".
Every Dr. apt. we went to she'd ask "baby come out your pummy? I hold baby?". I'd tell her "Not yet". She always says "I love you baby. Nosies" and rubs noses. Today she was singing "Jesus looooves you". So sweet.
Having babies is the best thing in the world. I love all three of mine so much, I want to keep them forever.
I'm so grateful I have a chance to because of the temple. I feel so blessed and happy, that's a good feeling.

August 27, 2012

Gavin's 1st day of Kindergarten - 8/27/12

Gavin appeasing me for a picture, wanting to go to the bus stop
Linnaea helping Gavin locate his bus
Preparing for the "air brakes", bus nowhere in sight
There he goes! After 2 yrs of asking to ride the bus, he finally gets to.
Have fun in Kindergarten, it goes by fast.

May 26, 2012

We're having a .....


expected the end of October, by the 22nd most likely.

May 14, 2012

Gavin's preschool class picture

[you can CLICK on the picture to see it bigger]
Of course he's the one laughing hysterically on the front row at "Mr. Funny" taking the picture. He just cracks me up.
If you ever hear him talk about friends, Aubrey is tall with blonde pig tails next to the teacher in the back, and Ella is in the front row with dark hair sitting 2 over from him.
I'm so glad he's had such a fun year in Preschool, it's just so sad that it's almost over, and he won't be my Preschooler any more. He tells me and his teacher's all the time that he'll miss them when he's in Kindergarten. He is such a sweet boy that loves to learn, and I love him. 

March 11, 2012

Muttn' Bustn' - 3/9/12

 After watching a round a kids riding sheep in the little Rodeo events, Gavin begged us to do it, that little cowboy.

 He wasn't even nervous.
 He rode "Bo Sheepus", who decided to run around in circles after leaving the pen, but Gavin hung on great, the 2nd longest, and got a score of 85 I think.
It was so awesome how brave he was.
He loves wearing his Muttn' Bustn' shirt now.

March 10, 2012

Rodeo & Livestock Show - 2

The Tractor Pull
Gavin was selected from the audience for the 5 yr old bracket
We were cheering so loud for him
The trick is to not stop to keep momentum. He did 3 rounds
And was able to successfully pull 100lbs. He did a great job.
A good lesson to just keep going, don't stop.
[I LOVE this picture; he's SO happy!]

Rodeo & Livestock Show - 1

Calf in a Crib
Baby piglets born at the Rodeo. Linnaea now Loves "Peegs"
Ride 'Em Cowboy

March 8, 2012

2nd & 1st Dental Checkups - 3/8/12

 Gavin didn't remember going to the dentist before, so this was like his 1st visit all over again, but he was very cooperative and really liked "Mr. Sucky".
 He's not crying, just doing a big Dinosaur mouth
 He thought the dentist was A O.K.
 Linnaea finally let the dentist look in her mouth, but only from the comfort of her stroller.
I rewarded them with play time at the mall. After a while, a mom had her little boy give Gavin some quarters to put in the horse so it would actually move. They were thrilled to really ride the horse, instead of just pretending. I just thought that was funny.

March 3, 2012

Putting in our Garden Box - 3/3/12

Dale made a 12ft x 12ft box
We all helped dig the grass out, even the almost 2 yr old Linnaea (we try to grow workers around here)
4 cubit yards of Vegetable Soil delivered from Living Earth

 Many wheel barrow trips to the back yard from the soil heep
 I helped even it out before we planted some of our seedlings growing in the laundry room.
We were so hungry we went to CiCi's, our favorite all you can eat place, for dinner.
Long Day.

February 29, 2012

Our New Bunny Rabbit - 2/29/12

 Gavin named her "Hoppy Feet"
 Hoppy is really good with the kids, and Linnaea has since learned to hold her like a baby.
 The kids also like to set her free and chase her in the house, but she now has a harness and a leash to keep track of her during petting time.
Gavin was trying to wrap her up like a baby.