The Houston Texas Temple

January 27, 2009

Scripture Specs

Gavin was so good to "cheese" for this picture, I had to reward him with posting it. What an Awesome nursery we have! He takes things home with him every week.

NASA Space Center, 1/1/09

Dale on the flight simulator. The computer said he did an amazing job! I thought it just told everyone that...until I tried.

Our tram tour took us to this building where the retired and current mission control is located, and this hanger sized "room" were Astronauts do real trainging for space. This is the shuttle simulator.

Inside this building (as demonstrating by the picture seen here on the outside), is the ACTUAL Saturn V (5) rocket! Reasembled for our viewing pleasure, pieces that had exited our atmosphere, and the triangle shaped capsule that plopped into the ocean.

Fuzzy picture at end of Saturn V, but look at the size of that exhaust pipe! Its Texas sized (or Alaskan sized, as Dale likes to put it. ; )

A map of the Lunar Landing Sites, and gold stars with points of interest on the moon's surface, for future explorations.

Here's us, so close to a lunar vehicle that was once actually on the moon!

Gavin now plans on being an Aeronautic Engineer (as you see him demonstrating here how to repair a component in the fuselage with a cell phone charger and mitten as a work glove). His favorite words are Astronaut, rocket ship, space shuttle & fly to the moon. Daily I hear this question "Mommy, where Aeronaut? In space shuttle? He fly to a moooon!"

Gavin's first set-o-wheels

We took Gavin's Roadmaster tricycle he got from Santa for Christmas to the park to test it out. According to him, it works quite similar to the Flinstone's car, propelled by twinkle toes. Pedals are for decoration purposes only, apparently.

Galveston...after (Dec'08)

Dale's parents came the week after Christmas. On Monday we decided to go hang out on the island, walk the beach, see what it looked like after Ike from September. Thankfully my beautiful row of Victorian masterpiece homes are still intact near East Beach. Couldn't say the same about some restaurants on the coast. We enjoyed our leisurely walk, despite the construction vehicles moving sand away from the sea wall, though this was Gavin's HIGHLIGHT. What a boy he is. ; )

January 25, 2009

Dale's "spare time" quilt

Dale made this "t.v. quilt" for his parents for Christmas in his first few days of Christmas Break from school. (I tied it when he was finished.) We were all very impressed. He was glad it turned out well too, because he never plans on making a quilt again. All the hard work put new meaning to "made with love". Notice the pattern the spells BERG.

Snow Day in Houston (12/10/08)

Tortoise Love (Dec'08)

Our leopard tortoises, Shadrach & Meshach, get a lot of attention from Gavin. This day I walked into the living room and found that he had picked up Shadrach all by himself! (I'm convinced it's Shadrach's scheme to escape his box.) This was a "let's take a picture" moment over a scolding. They are his puppies and Gavin loves to show them love.