The Houston Texas Temple

August 13, 2011

We move in 2 weeks!

We close on the 25th of August and are getting so excited!

I've added more pictures to the album on Picasa. We now have carpet! :

August 11, 2011

Vanessa's Travels

This was fun to do. [I was unsure about a few countries, so I didn't check them, but I remember counting 18 with my mom when I was younger, so I'll have to double check]. Only 25 more states to go! (If only Dale and I had more travel funds when we lived in Maryland, we would have crossed off a bunch more in the North East). Someday in the future maybe.

visited 25 states (50%)
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visited 13 countries (5.77%)
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August 1, 2011

Linnaea's Little Lizard

We were at the pool Saturday morning, and while chasing Linnaea back and forth, I realized that the wet hair strands on the back of here head, were actually a little baby lizard curled up in here hair. Dale ran to get the camera, and no matter how she shook her head or bobbed and ran, that little guy hung on swinging. So cute, we wanted to keep him.
And here is a glimpse of Gavin's swimming skills, with his beloved snorkel goggles. I am always so impressed.