The Houston Texas Temple

November 20, 2009

24 weeks ( 5 1/2 months)

I love my little belly. I feel so much cuter when I'm pregnant (don't hate me). I'm about 32-33 inches around now.
Gavin wanted to take a picture of my belly today, so here's photography from his perspective.

Joy School

Since September, we've been doing Joy School (pre-preschool) on Mondays. Its been lots of fun and Gavin always asks if we're going to school. He's starting to understand the concept of tracing and the kids are doing so well now that they're more familiar with it. Last week everyone was actually there at Andrea's house, so I took a picture.

November 6, 2009

We're having a .....


These are pictures of pictures, so they're clearer as originals, but this is a great profile of her cute little nose.

She was doing some crazy things to move away from the transducer pushing her during the ultrasound. (and it didn't feel so great to me.) The lady thought it was so funny that she put her legs all the way over her head, so she took a few pictures. This is her gymnast move, with head AND feet on my right side.

She was finally tuckered out at the end. Here you can see her eyes, cheeks and mouth better. (the angle makes her
nose look wide, so no she doesn't have a bigger nose)

In these pictures, she's 13oz. and 10in. long.

She'll even be much cuter in person when we see her about the 3rd week of March, (the 12th-18th) at 6lbs 10oz - 7lbs respectively, depending which day it is. (that's my prediction)

Taffy Pull

Dale was determined to make taffy atleast once while in Houston. One day it wasn't that humid, and it worked. Unfortunately, it melted the next day in the cold humidity. At least they had fun playing tug-of-war.

Stake BBQ

Houston North Stake BBQ came equipped with the taste of a good 'ol bluegrass festival. Gavin danced the WHOLE time music was going. I've got lots of good video on my little camera, once I figure out how to play it back off the camera.

This reminded me of singing at "The Barn" and lots of fun memories with my grandparents when I was younger. I told Dale if I had known, I would have brought my spoons and broke them out right there. He said he'd go grab me some plastic ones. Haha, he's so funny. ; )

Gavin started this dancing group by the stage. It attracted lots of other kids.

Gavin with his favorite little girl, Aubrey.


Gavin was Max from "Where the Wild Things Are". It's one of his favorite books, and the movie just came out in October, but we haven't seen it. Dale's mom made this costume while we were at her house this summer, which was good since there were no costumes like it anywhere. Everyone was so surprised to see him dressed as Max, for those who knew about the book or movie. One little girl thought he was a zebra. Gavin is practicing being a "wild thing" and scaring daddy below. Here's the movie link :

Gavin learned to use the camera

Dallas - Oct 15

I successfully completed my first Road Trip alone, and with a 2 yr old in the car. We only had to stop for him once, and he had no accidents ! I was so thrilled. I picked up my mom at Dallas/Ft.Worth Airport, and spent Thurs.&Fri. with her. It was so great to just relax and see my mom. We went and toured Mary Kay HQ, amazing little museum, and ate lunch there. We also strolled the Plano, TX mall, had Godiva chocolate, of course, and watched Gavin play on humongous fake breakfast food. He also got to meet Geoffrey the Giraffe from ToysRUs ! It'll be a while till I see my mom in Phoenix again, so I was glad she was so close to visit. Miss her.

November 1, 2009

Why does he have a bed again ?

This is how I found him most nights in October. That solved the delema about whether or not we should buy him a twin mattress. Whats the point if he sleeps on the floor any way? The past 4 or 5 nights this 1st week in Nov. I got him to sleep in his bed, but really right now we don't care where he sleeps as long as its not in our bed. (which means "I'm" the one that can't be lazy and stay in bed at 3 or 4 am, when I get to go to his room.) At least I don't have to stay awake come 5:50 and go to work. That I'm grateful for.
[his play tent ON his bed so he'll sleep IN his bed, baby steps]