The Houston Texas Temple

August 25, 2014

Gavin's first day of Second Grade! 8-25-14

The baby toad wanted to be in the picture, but only Gavin went to school, and Duncan cried.
Sitting front row, left side, Gavin is right behind the bus driver.

April 14, 2014

4-12-14 Baseball Game

 Some good action shots courtesy of Aunt Jessie
 Such a natural
 in the batter's box
 Duncan is a BIG fan of Gavin's
 Playing 3rd base
Disappointed they lost, but learning to be good sports. 

April 5, 2014

4-5-14 Gavin's Baseball Game

 And he gets a hit!
 And he gets to home on the 3rd play
 And he continues to practice in the backyard at home
and his dirty pants are good attire to help Linnaea get the bunny.

April 3, 2014

April 2, 2014 - just an ordinary day

 Duncan holding Hoppy Feet our bunny
 Linnaea playing with her like a baby doll in the tree house
 Duncan, cautiously, can go down the slide by himself now
 The kids love swinging on the horsey swing together
We love meeting Gavin at the bus after school.

March 22, 2014

Linnaea's 4th Birthday Princess "Tea" Party

Dale came up with this cute idea to have him and Gavin be waiters at a tea party for Linnaea the day before her birthday, since he wasn't going to be out of town anymore and didn't have to work until the afternoon. Lots of Linnaea's friends were actually able to come and they were so cute, and so careful with my china for their pink lemonade and fine assortment of finger foods served to them by waiter daddy. Gavin was so good to pull the chairs out for the girls to sit and control the volume on the princess music to create the right ambiance. It was very fun.

Linnaea's 4th Bday, birthday song

Linnaea's 4th Birthday Princess Party

January 11, 2014

10 Years !!!!!!!!!!

Dale picked me up in a new Chevy Camaro convertible to go to the Temple and dinner. We had a blast from 0-45 off the stop light line, and then 0-75 on the freeway, ooh and then valet parking. Good safe fun, that's what we're about. It was a blast, way more fun than the corolla.

January 4, 2014

Gavin made a kill shot

At Bow Zone (the archery range/shop) with his deer target he got for christmas