The Houston Texas Temple

August 30, 2010

Kayaking on Little Seneca Lake

This is the 1st time we went.
The next time we got the comment from shore: "Is that the mini van of kayaks?"
Dale responded that they were all out of suv's.

our faithful rower
our determined rower
the passengers
the boys even did a little fishing, still no fish though.

August 29, 2010

Our State Park, right up the street

after two street lights up the road is a state park, with a pretty lake, a tire playground, and the beautiful forests of our new Maryland home.

there was even a sweet baby at the park
At the entrance is a 1760's log cabin moved from Germantown.

And a zip line
Pretty fun ; )

Linnaea, 5 months on Aug. 22

Our little giggles, still as happy as can be

can sit up all on her own!
(just like Gavin, the day they turned 5 months)

She has discovered Tongue, and all the noises she can make with it.

She is such a wonderful little girl, and we love her.

Walk across D.C. - 2 , Aug. 19

"Look at Us.... we're tourists!"

First time underground, in the Subway
(the other 3, not Vanessa's)

Capital Building

Lincoln Memorial
(we had to take turns. I had to wait till I could feel my legs again after pushing 30-40 lbs in a stroller all the way across D.C.)

more Gavin photography
really...proof I walked up all those stairs after walking all that way. Gavin on the other hand walked up and down a total of 3 times. 1st with Dale, 2nd with me, 3rd when he decided to mention when we reached the bottom that now he would like to pee....of course Dale inherited that 3rd trip as well.

August 23, 2010

Walk across D.C. - 1 , Aug. 19

We went to the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum:
Gavin photography of me in front of the Wright Brother's 1903 first succesful flying machine
Gavin learning to fly old style
Some day he'll make his mark on this world, or another.
Happy to finally be in D.C. , and out of the stroller.
On the Red Line subway

more summer fun photos

(pics coming)

Family Photos at my sister's wedding

(pics coming)

Linnaea's Baby Blessing

(pics coming)

Flight to Phoenix

1 mommy, 2 children, better than expected (pics to come)

Farewell Houston

Our farewell party with all our friends (pics coming)