The Houston Texas Temple

April 7, 2009

Space Center.....again

Gavin is in love with "NASA Space Center". He says it all the time. So for Dale's spring break, we went again. This time we did stuff we didn't have time for 2 months ago. Now Gavin counts backwards, and adds BLAST OFF at the end. He surprisingly knows the difference between a rocket ship, space shuttle, station and center. We're working on Roll, Pitch and Yaw movements of an aircraft for my dad. We also saw Sponge Bob and Patrick, which was exciting for him... Dale that is, and Gavin too.

April 6, 2009


How did I forget to post this?! We had tickets to go see Celine since we first moved to Houston in 2007. That was our big plan for our 5th Anniversary, Jan. 10th . (Guess which one of us came up with that idea). I've only been in love with her since '92, and I'm telling you... I just let go of my socially reserved nature. I was doing the big arm claps, the wha hoos, and singing every word to every song (except the french one). Most of those people don't know anything before Titanic. Some words "I could barely recall, but [they were] all coming back to me [then]". ; ) IT WAS AMAZING!!! Good thing Dale didn't feel embarrassed by me, because he sure could have. I was totally my teeny bopper self again.