The Houston Texas Temple

February 29, 2012

Our New Bunny Rabbit - 2/29/12

 Gavin named her "Hoppy Feet"
 Hoppy is really good with the kids, and Linnaea has since learned to hold her like a baby.
 The kids also like to set her free and chase her in the house, but she now has a harness and a leash to keep track of her during petting time.
Gavin was trying to wrap her up like a baby.

February 25, 2012

Pre-School & "Rodeo Day"

Gavin LOVES Preschool, credit due to Ms. Laura and Ms. Kim of course,
Outside Gavin's classroom. I love the painted murals all down the hall.
Finishing Lunch with most of his class.
Rodeo in Houston is such a big deal, they celebrate opening day in School. I helped outfit Gavin in all his most suitable attire, and even made him a belt buckle, which was quite a hit for him and at school.
He's a Cute'n with his Cowboy smirk,
and his Clint Eastwood snarl.

BBQ night at the Rodeo - 2/24/12

 Outside our "tent" Dale's boss bought tickets for the whole team to enjoy the BBQ cook off
 We went on the big Ferris Wheel too
We finally took a picture to show everyone what a parking lot in Texas looks like. Notice they are all trucks and suv's. That's what we usually see, with minivans dispersed through out. That's why we bought our Tahoe before moving here.

February 22, 2012

Worker Girl & Hunter Boy

(it's really a stick by the way, and when we still had a "huntn' dog")

February 12, 2012

Prince & Princess Party - Feb '12

The kids were invited to dress up and see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Gavin's friend's 5th birthday.Gavin as: Prince Phillip
Linnaea as: little Princess Aurora
Vanessa as: impromptu Balloon Animal Entertainer
Dale had NO idea I knew how make balloon animals, though it had definitely been over 10 yrs since I practiced, it was funny how impressed he was.

February 7, 2012

Fun in February

We had friends over for "Some Mores" and Linnaea was so happy she could make hers all by herself.
They're so cute together, and Best Friends, 90% of the time.
The kid's favorite spot in the kitchen to "help"
Always with her baby, on our way to Monday morning ritual, Story time at the clubhouse.