The Houston Texas Temple

September 19, 2010

The New Arrivals! - Sept 17 & 18

Tooth #1 (bottom right) Fri. Sept. 17th
Tooth #2 (bottom left) Sat. Sept. 18th
Two before 6 months, wow!

hike to fishing spot - Sept. 11

Dale found a good fishing spot on our hike the day before.
We took the short cut with the poles.
We've never caught anything over 3", sadly, but it's the experience he'll remember.
the unlicensed girls hanging out on the "beach"

me: Gavin, stop putting your head in the water. You're not suppose to take a shower in the lake.

dale, while driving: Look Gavin, Deer!

-we're so proud ; )

Miller-Berg Zoo Day - Sept. 4

little Steve Miller (Jack) & little Dale Berg (Gavin), together at last...instant friends...and sure trouble in 13 yrs.

The Smithsonian Zoo's Panda

Jack doing all the work

all tuckered out, just how I like 'em.

September 2, 2010

I Love my bath baby - Sept. 2

This was a well needed bath after a messy encounter with oatmeal cereal

Daddy play time

Gavin makes the most creative toys. This weeks has been these extra telephone plugs that are currently being modeled atop Dale's head as King Stephan's crown. Earlier, it was a work belt hooked through the loops of Gavin's pants.
This is our super fun new racing floor to zoom cars across
and Gavin and his toys are the best thing Linnaea could ever ask for.

his last 1st day of school ... Ever! - Aug. 30

All set, with his official Georgetown ID and new water proof backpack from Costco
(he'll thank me more when it rains and snows)
Dropped off at the Metro
there he goes ...
into the subway,
and Gavin saying "I want to go with him",
and then "can we pick him up now?"

Annual Ward Barn Party

Dale was loving driving out to the countryside and eventually down a one lane dirt road where he got to honk the horn going up little hills and around bends where you can't see other cars through the trees. [He has a fantasy of one day becoming a farmer]. We beat a little mini cooper to the dirt road and felt bad for "that guy" that opted to stay a half mile back behind our dust, to find that coincidentally enough he parked right next to us at the same event and was recognized as ... our new bishop.

the Angus cows are the dots in the field, and on the other side of the wooden fence is the coral of...
2+ dozen Shetland Ponies!
Yes, those are the tractor keys in Gavin's hand, and good thing I asked and found out that the guy didn't give them to him and this wasn't his tractor.
Dale had found Gavin before this on a motorcycle at the barn he successfully started.
moral: Don't underestimate a 3 year old!
our little Linnaea flower, happy in the grass.

you just got to laugh

Sometimes, i get surprised with odd pictures on my camera when i browse through.

I was told that this is Gavin's monster face:

And this is what it looks like inside his mouth
(this is a common one):

Happy Birthday Dale! - Aug. 26

Cold Stone Yummyness
1st of 4 Ice Cream Shops we redeemed free birthday treats at.
We were going to visit Jack in the Box for a free churo, but no one on the east coast had heard of it, so... off to Costco we went where we knew we could buy one.

Gavin was so excited to help dump things in for Daddy's surprise birthday cake. He'll have to practice more with the surprise part, because as we picked up Dale at the subway he says "Daddy, we have a surprise for you at home. I won't tell you what it is... it's a cake!"
oh, so cute.
Finally being allowed to lick it
Ta Da!

Linnaea helped how she could too.