The Houston Texas Temple

December 15, 2008

How to care for Baby:

Place the Baby

Wrap the Baby

Kiss the Baby

Love the Baby


Meet the Rubbles!

Barney, Betty & Bam Bam (- the weapon). We thought we'd jump back on the theme train again this Halloween. Dale made his and Gavin's outfit, and my bow (he was convinced it would make me a believable Betty). I made my dress and now have officially sewn in a zipper all by my self! Yea me! Gavin was an earth friendly trick-or-treater, since I left his basket home. He even won a prize at the bean bag toss, what an arm. Such fun.

Playtime at the Grocery Store

This is the best thing to ever be stuck to a shopping cart! Amazing! I found a Kroger with one, and now its our favorite place. Shopping trips are so much more pleasant, and faster, including the 5 min. I'm willing to put in sometimes to track this sucker down. Its our FREE kiddie ride, no quarters necessary. Thank you Kroger!

Law Review (Oct 08)

Yea Dale! He was accepted into Law Review (the Law School's legal journal) and I got to go to his induction ceremony downtown at the US District Courthouse. He's an amazing legal writer and, though Dale likes to be very modest, he was told that his paper for entry was one of the highest scoring they've ever seen. He always makes me proud of him.

Gavin's Puddle Adventures (oct 08)

He just can't help himself, can't resist, he just simply must get right in that water. Thought I'd at least capture it. One day I'll wish he's still small enough to scoot through puddles on his car. I have so much fun with my little blond boy.

Ike weeks (Sept 08)

Well, the only real damage "WE" got, was from an enormous limb from the registered oak at our apartments that smashed in the covered parking 5 spaces down from ours. Luckily that just happened to be the only unoccupied space at the time, though it was blocking the truck of our neighbor "the cop". So when rain let up, Dale was out there with his might hand saw and was Hero of the Day.

We did enjoy some lovely leisure activities together. Thankfully our grill gave us an option for warm food and we had Blueberry (just add water) Pancakes every morning for 2 weeks. Gavin got lots of daddy time and read many many books (in the atmosphere of open windows and a celebrated breeze). We were at our friends the Tingey's most days in the 1st week (benefiting from their generator), and claimed this non-running Jeep from a neighbor. Gavin was thrilled. I should have taken a picture of memorable evening candlelight (rather lantern at the window to what we were lucky to see on our plates at the table light) dinners. All in all, a been there done that experience, and we now know the value of a solar shower. ; )

Galveston East Beach (Aug 08)

"I don't know how my hands got so dirty mommy, honest!"

"But this yucky muddy stuff is Awesome! What more could a Boy ask for?"

"Uh, I think I'll stay here thank you. I've assessed the situation with those ferocious waves over there, and this proves to be a more secure location at the moment. Though you drove an hour and a half for an ocean experience, I'm just gonna be right over in this here kiddie pool."

Gavin and cousin Hunter! (july 08)

Gavin is so loving. He loves babies, especially his cousin Hunter. We went over to Megan's in Gilbert, AZ before we came back to Houston, TX. Gavin was being so helpful, would lay on his tummy by Hunter, give him a blankey, or a toy. He was very excited when we let him hold the baby. I wish I could say Hunter had the same reaction. (they are so cute together)