The Houston Texas Temple

January 27, 2011

after a 10 hr snow fall .... 1-26-11

This is what it looked like this morning out our window to our parking lot [we have the Tahoe with the little white Corolla next to it, if you can see that]

January 3, 2011

Gavin's first day in Primary - 1/2/11

He was excited to be a Sunbeam [the 4 yr old class], and wear his "Future Missionary" badge my mom got for him. He practiced singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" all week. He picked out his scripture case in his claimed favorite color, Green, to begin bringing his scriptures to church (at least just his very own Book of Mormon, to keep it light weight). The 3 characteristics about him we gave his teacher for the lesson were:
1. Smart
2. A Leader
3. Good Helper
We feel so blessed to be his parents and are excited for the adventure of raising him. He is already such a promising little young man.

Dale's school in DC 12/31/10

We walked around DC on Friday with Dale's parents, to the Museum of Natural History and then around the Capitol Building square with the Library of Congress and Supreme Court, then walked right up the street to Georgetown to show them around.
He's supporting me in the picture, though I support him when he's at school.
Gavin said "I want to be a little student too Dad". Dale says he's his law school kid anyway, and hasn't known anything different. So now Gavin knows where Daddy goes away to all the time.
Standing right in front of Georgetown you can see the Capital Building to your left, shown here. This is what Dale sees every night he leaves campus to walk to the Metro Subway.
Linnaea's photo op with the Clock tower in the back. Yes, it chimes every hour.

On Frozen Pond - 12/29/10

We took Dale's parents and sister to the state park across the street with a lake. Thankfully, all the people stayed on dirt while throwing ice chunks on the pond to see how far they would slide. So yes, though it's a "heat wave" here in the 40's, the ice on the lake is still there from our 20's weather. I'm sure there will be more in the future too.
Baby Bunting
The Trail Stragglers ; )

Christmas 2010

Linnaea is 9 months old 12/22/10

She found my baby doll, Gaby, and has been dragging her around. She loves to giggle, squeal, be tickled, chase Gavin, test standing on her own, eat things with her own fingers and still be held by Mommy & Daddy a lot. Gavin still loves her so much that he wants "lots" of sisters, but we'll just have him enjoy her for now.