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September 15, 2009

She's a Country Girl

I thought this was cute. My dad bought my dachshund Penny a dress when we were at Walmart and put it on her before my Mom came home from work.
It says:

Poor Kitties - june 09

Gavin liked getting the small brown one. She's super light and easy for him to haul around. She hardly stood a chance. It was just funny to me when he'd carry a cat around so easily like she was his blanket. (don't worry i supporvised. no cat's were harmed, physically, during these hugging sessions).

September 10, 2009

Cool in the POOL

We went to the pool almost every Tues. night this summer.

Gavin created quite the scene once when he should have taken a break from "swimming" under water so much after eating lots of lasagna for dinner. We thought we'd do the right thing and let the nearest lifeguard know there was a little spit up in the pool. 10 seconds later we hear through a big cone "Please exit the pool". When noone was moving...we then heard "A child has VOMITED...Please exit the pool emidiately". It was like the scene from Jaws with people running from the water. We tried to stay inconspicuous, especially when they announced that the pool wouldn't reopen till 15mins before closing time. We thought it was best if we just left then. Thats our first experience of "Yep, that was my kid". We just tried to make him not feel bad that he got sick. It was funny for us after we left.

He sure came a long way with swimming this summer. I don't even feel comfortable staying underwater as long as he does. (I still like to plug my nose.) So I was really proud of him. Aunt Lauren worked with him too a bit, jumping off the side, turning around, and climbing out of the pool. So many moms kept asking me where he took swimming lessons, which he hadn't. So we got him these goggles for all the time he spends with his eyes open under water. What a cool kid.

You know you're in Buckeye when ....

someone drives an OLD John Deer to church on Sunday. I just had to take a picture of that one.

At my Mom's - june 09

Gavin and MY mommy

He put her exercise trampoline to good use this summer

Fun with my Dad - june 09

Watching the Scuba Diver feed the fish in the tank at Cabella's with Grandpa Wayne:

Playing at the Avondale, AZ Splash Park :

Gavin & Penny - June 09

I love this picture. My two babies napping while with my dad when I'm at work.