The Houston Texas Temple

June 17, 2010

Sea World 1:3 - April 30

I just love
reality photography
from our 3 year old.

The scenes he captures ; )

Sea World - April 30

Sea World San Antonio - April 30

Gavin's 1st roller coaster ride on the Shamu Express

The Sea World Water Works Playground

The special Shamu shaped ice cream that made him feel all better after a kid dunked water on him at the playground.

The 1st Shamu show we went to where Daddy sent Mommy down in the splash zone with Gavin to get a close look at the show. Gavin wanted to sit in Row 1, but I said "No, I don't think so. There's still puddles on the seats". Gavin got wet enough on Row 9 when I instinctively sacrificed him to the waves while ducking behind him. He was the one wearing a swim suit after all. He only cried a little bit.
Gavin LOVES "beetle cars" and now he loves Shamu, so super excitedness came from seeing the parking lot car.

June 10, 2010

San Antonio River Walk - April 29

Peaceful stroll by the river and restaurants, lower than the street above.
Gavin chose to eat at Rainforest Cafe. We don't know when he'll be ok for that again after the Gorilla I had to carry him past to go to the bathroom, and the scary snake that came from the ceiling, made him cry once, and then warned everyone who walked by afterward, "Watch out, there's a snake".
Dale found Gavin his sheriff badge after we took an old time photo. Dale and Gavin got to be cowboys.

Here's our favorite little smiler! She's is the happiest little person, and so adorable.

June 4, 2010

Visiting the Alamo ...

... with the completed, one of a kind diaper bag Dale sewed completely on his own.
(don't you love the versatile backpack feature)

Wow! Now this gun is just my size.

I wonder what I can find to blast in this thing

Oh look! Mommy does fit!

Like Brother Like Sister

ok, here they look like each other. I'm gonna have two pretty silly kids.

Joy School Grad. / swim party

Gavin loves and misses all of his friends from Joy School in Houston.
Savannah, James, Aubrey, Maya, Maria, Gavin, Sarah, Kate, AnnabelleLinnaea hung out in the shade with Mommy.

She found her other older brother

1st Camping Trip (family of 4)

Gavin's 1st Fish - April 23

aka "Dinosaur Fish"
our little Texas fisherman ; )
Little "The Dinosaur" Fish

He was Sooooooo excited! And did such a great job helping to set up and being patient, for a little bit. He even stuck his hand right in the bag of minnos and snatched one out! We were so impressed. What a little man. We were happy when we got something.
"Look Mom! It's a DINOSAUR FISH!"
he said. And yep, it had a spiney back, just like a dinosaur. I thought that was so cute. He was sort of sad when his daddy said they needed to put it back.
"No, I wanna eat em!"
he protested, but he consented and tells me that small fish he sees, are too little to eat, and you have to wait till they get big to eat them. So, lesson learned. But we were so happy for him and enjoyed seeing his excitement.

just cute stuff