The Houston Texas Temple

October 31, 2008

Mush! Mush!

You'd think these two were practicing for a race! Gavin LOOOOVES Penny (my almost 13 yr old Dachshund) and Penny loves walks, put together these motivations to HANG ON and GO..... we've got ourselves one great kodak moment (and a fun time at the park).

Our 1st Family Camping Trip

When you want to escape June's heat in Phoenix, you go north. My My how wonderful it was to be freezing cold and bundle up that night. Why Phoenix wasn't built closer to wonderful Flagstaff weather: I wasn't in charge. Gavin had a blast with all the rocks, sticks and outdoor fun he could ask for. (I enjoyed him letting us snuggle together in my nice warm sleeping bag when he got cold in the night. That will always be my fond memory.)

Pro Corn Husker

We had a little timed Corn Husking Challenge against the guys for Memorial Day BBQ at Dale's parents house. Needless to say, Dale won! of coarse he ran into some opposition from our friend Mike's foot, and later when his brother Paul grabbed his bag and chucked it. At least they recognized who the real competition was. Despite it all, Dale was victorious. He was so happy ; )

October 23, 2008


I thought these pictures were so adorable! Gavin tried to carry scriptures, but they were a little heavy. Good thing his Grandpa was there to help. Someday I'll put this little church-going Gavin photo next to his mission picture. What a cute lil' guy he is.

Gateway Pavilians - may 08

My dad took Gavin and I to the Glendale Hot Spot, where the 2008 super bowl was. So many fun restraunts and shopping. Gavin took advantage of soakin' up some Arizona sun.

October 15, 2008

Flight to Phoenix - May '08

There is NO other kind of experience than flying solo with an almost 1 1/2 yr old. Man did I officially feel like a responsible parent. He had his monkey backpack from my mom (more to grab when he starts to run), and so many things to point at all at once. He LOVES watching airplanes in the sky, so I could tell what an exciting experience this was for him. I somehow figured to manage luggage, a stroller, him, buying food and paying for it all at the same time. I was lucky how obedient I realized he could be and held on to the side of the stroller all the way to the gate. On the plane, I was that mom with so many books, snacks, activities, to barely fit in my space. Half the time, we were waving and stopping at every nice old man along the way down the isle. He FINALLY fell asleep the last 30 minutes, and you bet I got so many comments as people past me just letting him sleep and everyone else get off. I've never had so many people talk to me on a flight before. At least its a good sign when they still think he's cute after a 3 hr flight.

Blue Table

This is THE blue table I used to sit at when I was little with my sisters and get fed peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Its so bizzar that he is old enough now to sit there too.

Moving Day - May '08

We moved to a smaller apartment in May, and Dale and Gavin had more fun than I've ever seen during a move!

Galveston, TX - East Beach, April '08

We picked Dale up from school on a friday and drove down to the beach. Its so nice only living an hour and a half away. Its always a relaxing quick getaway and family outing.
We let Gavin eat a taco for the drive home. He got so messy and loved it!