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February 5, 2010

34 1/2 wks, Feb 1

another Gavin photography photo. He's learned the focus feature, so pictures come out much more clear more often now.
I'm 36" around, have gained 22lbs total and am 34cm curvature. (2lbs away from when i delivered Gavin, and 1cm shy). I still don't feel very big, and I like this little belly. She can stay in as long as she'd like, as long as it's not till April.

Today, Fri. Feb. 4th, I'm actually 35 wks, according to how she's been measuring all along, and I just wrote on facebook that I was thinking this morning that I'm now on an "expected shipment time" where my baby should arrive in 4-6 wks. 5wks from tomorrow would be perfect, when Dale starts his spring break. We'll see.

And this is Gavin on Wed., helping to organize Walmart. The next row you don't see was red and green race cars. I wonder where he gets this from! [Dale & I both, really]. He makes me smile ; )