The Houston Texas Temple

April 21, 2010

2wks - 4/5

at the Dr.'s office today,
Linnaea was:

8lbs. 2oz

21 1/2 in. long

(with a clean diaper & onesie on, so she really weighs less than that)

Mommy and Baby - March '10

This is a picture just like my mom has of her when I was born.
This is us waiting for our "vallet" leaving the hospital.
4 days old, full, cute and sleeping.
We've had fun getting dressed everyday... with a bow ; )
1st day out and about. Playgroup with Gavin 3/31.

April 20, 2010

Daddy and his Little Girl - March '10

Already giving her what we now know she likes, to be held by her Daddy. (she succors him all the time)
Getting ready to take us girls home.
They're so sweet together.
1st Sunday Snuggle.

Gavin and his Baby Sister - March '10

The 1st time Gavin saw Linnaea, he went straight to the bassinet, patted her and said "It's ok baby sister. I'm right here". He is such a wonderful helpful brother.
When we woke up Friday, our first day home, we all played in Gavin's room the whole morning. He wanted to read letters to her. He's excited to have her around.
Gavin comforts her when she's crying. You'll hear "I'm coming baby sister!", or "Oh, I'll get her pacifier (or silky blankey)". Or sometimes, he covers his ears with both hands and says "Feed her".
I think he has much more fun riding on the stroller this way, now that I let him.