The Houston Texas Temple

October 30, 2010


Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora before Trick-or-Treating at Church.

Dale passed out candy for Trunk-or-Treat

Vanessa walked with the kids for candy

Gavin's pumpkin. He created the rough sketch and Dale carved. I was very impressed.

October 13, 2010

watching Conference on the couch - Oct, 2,3

Everyone was happy snacking on carrots
teething baby got her fair "share" as well.

And this is how I sleep during the day, when I do,
and many hours at night. Linnaea loves her mommy.
Good thing I lover her too.

What we've all been waiting for... Oct. 8

Dale passed the Arizona Bar !!!!!

view press release here:

once he gets sworn in, he will officially be Esquire.
He has been his happiest self in 3 years, relieved the wait is over.
He can now be called.... a Lawyer.

Linnaea stats 6 1/2 months - Oct. 7

at Dr.'s appointment today, she was:
16lbs. 4 oz. (~50%)
26 3/4 in. (~75%)

Dr. was surprised at how strong she is. Lots of muscle strength.
[The girl has abs! She can do almost a full sit up from lying down, which makes diaper time a struggle now and then.]

October 1, 2010

just for me, I love them like this

Do you see why Gavin loves our new mall? I love that he loves all things space, and NASA and rocket ships since his 2nd birthday. He's just so brilliant, which provides it's own challenges, but I love being able to teach him and read to him and have the most interesting conversations with him as he learns. And I can always count on him to help by entertain Linnaea and make her giggle like no one else can.

My sweet girl. I love feeling so important and loved by such a tiny person. I also love when she enjoys sleeping in her own crib. Will she always squeeze hug me like she does when I
pick her up and let me smooch her cheeks? I hope so.

My Day - Sept 29

Awoke feeling yucky haven needed to shower the night before. Threw on my new Georgetown Law Hoodie, thanks Dale, since its that weather outside in the 60's. Put in a load in my building's washer before quickly loading kids in car to drop off Dale at the subway. Returned home, feeling on my game, to find washer had stopped full of water with all my clothes in it. Gavin and I then spent some good Pioneer time wringing out each and every piece of clothing before drying, though not clean. Reported out of order machines, the other having been full of water also for a week it self, to the laundry company and paid for 3 dry cycles to get clothes dry. Had already missed most of Play Group while wringing clothes, so did I get to take a relaxing warm shower? Nope, sorry, no hot water today, with no notice. So baby was cleaned with wipes all day. But did receive notice of a mandatory clean out for my whole building of all cabinets and counter tops for pest control first thing in the morning. I was excited to have everything in the dinning, living and bed rooms. At least I had Dale to help finish that process.

But then ...

I got to watch Gavin & Linnaea play boat. (I love how they interact so lovingly)
Remembered how big Gavin has gotten, and later will remember him the same way as how little he was.

Saw Linnaea fall asleep while eating for the first time, between bites, and got a bow to hold her duck fluff!

Linnaea turns 6 months - Sept. 22

Gavin's first day of Joy School, year 2 -Sep. 20

Gavin, Rebecca, Andrew, Desmond, Reed