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January 27, 2012

Gavin's 1st 2 wheeling bike ride.

After 3 months of riding a 2 wheeler, we went on a rollerblading/stroller/ bike ride trip around the whole subdivision for Gavin. He finally got to go out of the culdesac, since teaching himself how to ride a 2 wheeler all by himself in October. He went straight from tricycle, skipping training wheels, to balancing himself on 2 wheels. So coordinated.

January 17, 2012

Gavin is 5 today! - 1/17/12

He is really good at ...


blowing bubbles with his spit,

Lego Engineering

Making Linnaea laugh, being a helpful big brother

using scissors,

especially for opening FedEx/UPS packages, which today was a birthday present from my parents,
being a good friend at Preschool, sounding out words, reading a little, feeding the dogs twice a day, riding a bike with no training wheels, and singing/making up songs, which he does constantly.

We love you Gavin!
41.5" tall, 35.6 lbs., and 5 Years Old!